A number of tennis players have requested that their tennis rating be changed upward to a higher level or that they wish to play at a higher level than their rating would allow. The Tennis Committee has developed a procedure that is designed to help re-evaluate a player’s rating and ability upon request.


It is important that the procedure be as objective as possible to avoid subjectivity and to be transparent. The objective is to place members into a competitive situation where they can achieve success and to insure the level of play is competitive. This means avoiding lopsided play by mixing players of different abilities within our Palmira Tennis community as well as Inter-Club competitive league play. The Tennis Director ranked players according to an individual’s ability which includes, but is not limited to: strokes, movement around the court and positioning on the court. Intraclub and Interclub league player scores are also used to assist with the ranking. A player’s ranking could change up or down depending on these factors.


Every Palmira Tennis Club member will have the opportunity to move to a higher or lower level should you feel that your skill level has changed and you wish to be re-evaluated. You will have three (3) alternative choices for a member to have their tennis ranking re-evaluated:


1.    You may opt to have an independent USPTA professional evaluate your ability and rating and pay for his or her hourly court fee. Please see the Tennis Director to arrange this independent evaluation. Using your own paid personal teaching pro will not be allowed.


2.    If you are participating in Intra-club play, you will have the opportunity to also move to a higher or lower level by requesting a challenge match. The top two (2) positions of the lower division can request a best of three (3) match playoff with the bottom two (2) positions of the higher division and the winners will have their rating increased to the next higher level The losers will stay where they were previously positioned.


3.    If you play on Court 1 on any of Palmira’s teams and win 75% of your matches, you will be moved up to the next level. If you are playing on Courts 2,3, or 4 and winning about 50% of the time, you are competing where you should be and your rating is essentially self-proven. If you are playing on Court 4 and losing the majority of your matches, you should consider moving to a lower level.


These guidelines are intended to take the guesswork out of evaluating our members and to be as data driven and as objective as possible so as to place our members into competitive situations where they can achieve both fun for themselves and for their fellow member players in whatever leagues Palmira plays in such as the USTA/USPTA/BONERO/COLLEE leagues.


If you wish to review your rating, please call or drop by the Tennis Center or email Kenny Gibson at





You may want to consult with Director of Tennis/Pro prior to self-rating.

If you self rate with USTA you should be playing on a USTA team only. Be careful in doing a self-rating because you cannot play down in another league. This could jeopardize the entire team you should be playing on, with the penalty being forfeiture of all games played.


The Tennis Committee



Rev. 9/2012